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Reading “Araby” many can actually make a connection with the story to our younger days in adolescence. This story is simply about a young boy who becomes very interested in a young lady, and becomes motivated to so something just for her interest. I can’t say that we all have been in a situation similar, but I know that I have. It’s all about the coming of manhood as a young boy, and experiencing something different, other than playing outside with friends.
The story is told through a narration of a young boy, describing in great detail of his home, and of his neighborhood. Giving us a perfect image of what type of setting the boy is surrounded in. He then so, goes on to describe one of his friends named Mangan’s sister, in which he seems to have an obsession over. He’s a young boy entering puberty, so his desire is very strong at this state. He even said on how his body was like a harp and her words and gestures are like fingers running upon his wires. The story moves on to one day the boy is at her doorstep, and she asks him if he is going to a bazaar, which the name of it is called “Araby”. She says that she isn’t able to go, so the boy says he will go, and will even bring her a gift from the event. From here on out the boy is obsessed on getting this gift, anticipating the date of the event. When it arrives the boy is at home waiting for his uncle to appear with money for the bazaar. The uncle arrives late, in where the boy leaves too late to the bazaar, and by the time he arrives he can’t get a gift for the young lady. The story ends, with the boy very angry, and upset, not being able to get his crush a gift.

I can very much make a connection with the little boy, but I actually had a reliable person, to help me get my crush. The boy seems to be living with his aunt and uncle. Usually when kids live with other guardians that aren’t the parents, there is a little care missing in the relationship. In evidence, the uncle did know the boy wanted to go to the bazaar, and he most likely knew how important it was for him, but he stayed out late, hinting that it he was at a pub. This action so little can have a huge effect on the little boy emotionally, and even in the way he will live out his future. He can even become depressed because of his failure to get the gift for…