Corporate Transportation Agreement For Charter Bus Company

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January 13, 2009

Bone Safety



The benefit of using Swift for your transportation needs is that we are conveniently located in Alpharetta, GA and provide daily service to the guests at Townplace Alpharetta. This makes our drivers accessible and convenient for any changes or additions that you may have require. We look forward to working with you.

In exchange for Swift Corporate Transportation agreement to contract services from this charter bus company, the parties hereby warrant, represent, covenant, and agree to the following:

Vendor represents the following:

I. Vendor Responsibilities and Representations: 1. That well maintained and clean buses will be provided. 2. That all buses and equipment necessary to fulfill this charter us contract are clean, in good working order, and conform to proper standards of the industry. 3. That all driving staff provided are properly certified and licensed under the laws, rules and regulations of any authority having jurisdiction, if so required by such laws, rules and regulations. 4. That all driving staff provided conform with all applicable requirements for motor carrier drivers. 5. That all of the services to be performed by the bus charter company under or pursuant to this contract shall be of the standard and quality which prevail among similar businesses and organizations of superior knowledge and skill engaged in providing similar services under the same or similar circumstances. II. Compliance with Law: 1. Swift Corporate Transportation warrants that all laws, rules and regulations of duly constituted authorities having jurisdiction over its activities shall be complied with by the charter bus company and its drivers.

Passengers agree to the following:

1. No alcohol consumption for passengers under the age of 21. 2. No throwing items outside of the vehicle windows or doors. 3. Please do not try to load/unload from the vehicle while in motion. 4. No additional passengers will be allowed on the vehicle. 5. Route will be communicated before event and will only be diverted after approved by Swift Management.

Please note that any damage (i.e upholstery burns or tears, spills or other vandalism) done by the passengers will be assessed and the charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

We confirm with thanks the following date in 2009:

|Trip Date |Pick-up |Description |Charges |
| |Times | | |
|1/15/09 |11:30am |Atlanta Airport-Marietta, Ga 3 passengers |$ 75.00 |
|1/15/09 |12:45pm |Atlanta Airport-Alpharetta, GA 3 passengers |$ 95.00 |
|1/15/09 |1:15pm |Atlanta Airport – Alpharetta, GA 4 passengers |$ 105.00 |
|1/15/09 |4:00pm |Townplace Alpharetta to Andretti Restaurant |$ 455.00 |
| |9:00pm |Andretti Restaurant to Townplace Alpharetta | |
| | |(30 passengers) | |