Arcadia Group and Charity Shops Essay

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Task 1
Top shop is a profit business organisation which is a part of the arcadia group. It is one of the many shops that Philip green owns. There supply of goods is clothing. Their business is becoming international very quickly. Topshop have many different products to offer such as their collections range, mainline range and there boutique range. All in all the have 7 ranges with lots of different styles. This will appeal to a variety of different people and will continue to make the business moving forward. Topshops services involve, the employees, customers and their suppliers, they have to have a good relationship with all of these different people to keep their business going.

All the hospitals in England other than private are a service provided by the government for free which helps people’s health. The service at the hospital is advanced because of the huge amount of staff which work for the NHS. The nhs have many different services, food services, doctors service, surgeons service and all the other staff that work for the nhs. They all have particular roles which helps the customer service for the customer. The NHS don’t particularly have a supply of goods. The government provide them with the medicines, the cleaners, the beds, and the food there. If it wasn’t for the government then the hospitals would certainly be losing money rather than making money.

Oxfam is a charity that that sells goods/services below costs to support their charity. Charity