Archer-Gilligan's Labeling Theory

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1. Labeling Theory – When applying the Labeling Theory to Wuornos, the labels that society placed on her may have drove her to commit the crimes and murders that she committed. Wuornos came to be viewed as a filthy homeless prostitute who was an angry drunk that robbed and committed several different crimes, ranging from battery to robbery, which would all result in her going to jail on numerous occasions. All in all, Wuornos was a deemed a social outcast by society. With the preconceived societal labels placed on her from a young age, Wuornos most likely had little choice but to fit into the labels placed on her. When reporting on Wuornos, the media only helped by playing on her societal labels and even adding more to the list. The media …show more content…
Rational Choice Theory - When applying the Rational Choice Theory to Archer-Gilligan, it is apparent that she was a rational, calculating, hedonistic person who killed over 60 people during her time in order to get financial gain. When looking at the pain vs. pleasure aspect of the theory, the pleasure of gaining money outweighed the pain of getting caught simply because no one suspected anything when her elderly patients passed. In addition, looking at the mood, the opportunity, the knowledge, and the experience example, it is apparent that Archer-Gilligan was always in the mood to get money, hence why she had her own nursing home and brought in new patients, even killing her current patients. The opportunity was always presented to her since the patients were all elderly. Archer-Gilligan had the experience since she had been committing these murders for years. She also had the knowledge of how to kill them and how to get away with it as well, hence the reasons as to why Dr. King was on the Archer’s payroll, as well as to why she would sometimes get the patients to retrieve the arsenic …show more content…
Labeling Theory – Unruh had difficulty socializing with his neighbors. He was labeled as a religious nut who would dress up in a suit and tie with combat boots and walk down the street holding a Bible and repeating Bible scriptures. He was also labeled as gay by his neighbors and the local teenagers who he assumed saw him having homosexual liaisons in a Philadelphia movie theater.

3. Psychological Theory - It is clear as to why Unruh committed these acts; he believed in his paranoid thoughts that his neighbors were out to get him, so instead of letting them get to him first, Unruh made the first move. In addition, after his arrest and before his trial, Unruh received the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic which included, "dementia praecox, mixed type, with pronounced catatonic and paranoid coloring. Furthermore, during his service time during World War II, Unruh documented, in detail, the German’s he killed. His time in the military may have affected him