Archetypal Approach To The Garden Of Eden

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Lastly, the Archetypal approach better enhances my knowledge of the setting. As you look at this short story through an Archetypal way, you can pin point the deep individual thoughts of the girl you yet know, through the setting of the river bank, which relates to the famous Catholic story of The Garden of Eden. "On a patch of grass that slopes gently to the water, the only clear part of the bank on that side of the river, a girl sits, a girl with long blond hair." (228) The word “Eden” speaks of an area of delight and the Garden is not literal but is spiritual and is found in everyone. It's a place which separates others from the world environment, and allows them access to God’s world in which everything you need is supplied. The river bank is just like the Garden of Eden, where the girl is able to separate herself from the real world and connect with her own emotions without getting distracted. …show more content…
Through this approach we see how the symbol of The Garden of Eden story can relate to the setting of the riverbank. Moreover, when viewing the setting of the sun in an Archetypal approach we see the element of nature that makes the setting become more meaningful. The sun is seen as a creative energy, almost as if the suns presence gives a new creation. Linda was finally able to be herself and feel free in the new