Archetypal Lens In The Joy Luck Club

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Literature is made up of small components that are used to create a whole. Literature is like playing a game of connect the dots because you have to understand each part before you can make it whole. Reading literature through a critical lens helps you connect the dots of a novel. This novel could use the racial, psychological, psychoanalytical, cultural, or the the archetypal lenses. Many different lenses can help to connect the dots of a novel, the only question is which one is the best to use for that novel. To figure out which lens is the most appropriate for your book you have to delve into your novel and find underlying meanings. The archetypal lens is an appropriate choice for this novel as you can really delve into the relationships between the mothers and daughters. …show more content…
This is an appropriate choice because you can follow the mother-daughter relationship.This novel has many different types of characters, the mother figure, the innocent youth, and the villain. You can also follow the journey, the fall and good versus evil. The Joy Luck Club is made up of four different sections, these are preceded by a Chinese myth/legend. The archetypal lens lets you delve deep into your novel to find the underlying meaning. This underlying meaning normally has to deal with the other and why they wrote this