Archetype and Melissa Essay

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Archetypal View Funny women flourish in female
Example 1 in the beginning of the comedies, Melissa finds herself in a serious situation where the women must save the women. This suddenly happened when Melissa tells the women that she is in a serious deal of danger. Melissa believes that she is responsible for her own actions instead of the man always having to save the women in whatever situation occurred. The women decides to take control of the situation to protect the man. Its social behavior of women being secondary is objected by Melissa, she takes control, defying the traditional sexist, archetypal characterization of women.

Example 2
As the story carries on, Melissa begins to represent an archetypal hero or as known a protagonist. The main character in a story is dragged into a situation for an unknown reason. They possess something no one else really does and then put out of their own comfort zone. Melissa is very smart but she’s never the one to run from the people or ever had to defend her life sometimes at the place she appears completely calm during these situations, it’s like she’s used to these kinds of events.

Example 3
At the point in the comedy, Melissa leads the people to the wrong idea and then defying the wise sage archetype. This defies the archetype because someone who’s a wise person knows everything there is to know, which up to this point these people have proved everything and they’ve also shown to be very intelligent towards the information she