Archetypes In The Call Of The Wild

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Spitz, a character from The Call of the Wild who is a villain archetype. The villain archetype is characterized as the antagonist in a story or movie and their sole purpose is to get in the way of the protagonist and stop them from achieving their goal. Spitz fits the characteristics of being a villain because he's constantly getting in the way of Buck, the protagonist dog in the story, Spitz ends up killing some of Buck's fellow sled dogs from the team. My research question is, why is Spitz a villain and what made him become the villain or antagonist he is. I`m invested in the topic I chose because it`s interesting to follow the villain in a story once in awhile opposed to following the hero or side person in a story.
Jack London, the author of the Novel The Call of the Wild created several interesting characters including Spitz who is an example of a villain archetype. Due to connections made to the 21st century, the time period it was written in, and the different archetypes used for comparison, there i enough evidence to support this claim.
Spitz, a villain archetype from a fictional story from around the year of 1896, had several qualities and other characteristics in common with the 21st century. Spitz and Buck, the main dog in the story, are rivals, which relates to Batman and the Joker from the
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One of the themes of this novel is hysteria which caused the characters to be drawn into events which had tragic consequences to many people. Unfortunately, this is happening in the world today. Society makes judgements and has prejudices towards people , customs, and other differences, consequently resulting in many conflicts and sad consequences. Reading about past events through novels and other books can help us to understand each