Archimedes principle lab Essay

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Brenda Menjivar
Guangyuan Xu, Justin Chan
Prof. Karl Sandeman
Archimedes’ Principle

The purpose of this lab was to verify Archimedes’ principle. This was done by applying his principle in the determination of densities and specific gravities of solids and liquids.

B=Win-air-Win-fluid= pfluidVobject
Vobject= (Win-air-Win-fluid)/pfluid

1. We measured the diameter (D) and height (h) of the cylinder with the Vernier caliper.
2. We suspended the metal cylinder by the fine wire from the hook of the balance, over the scale pan and weighed the cylinder in air.
3. We placed a beaker of water on the adjustable circular platform over the scale pan, and immersed the cylinder completely. We weighed the cylinder in the water. After that we removed the beaker and carefully dried the cylinder.
4. We used the liquid X to replace the water.
5. Finally, we weighed the hollow block in in air. We slipped the lower end of the cylinder into the hole in the block. We weighed the suspended block and cylinder in the liquid X. We made sure the block and cylinder were completely submerged. Lastly, the block and cylinder were dried.

Archimedes’ principle is a great way to measure the density of liquid, as well as the volume of items. In this experiment, the percent error came from the incorrect volume of cylinder and the salt of watercame…