Architecture Ethics Essay

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Code of Ethics
3. Office Topic I: Project Management and Consultant Relationships
In this situation the General Contractor is breaking building regulations regarding the fire sprinkler size. This is clearly defined as a responsibility of the architect to take action in the NCARB Rules of Conduct, Rule 1.2 which states that “While an architect may rely on the advice of other professionals as to the intent and meaning of such regulations, once having obtained such advice, an architect shall not knowingly design a project in violation of such laws and regulations.” If this is not followed and the intentionally ineffective sprinklers are built putting people’s lives in danger we can then reference Rule 1.1 of the NCARB Rules of Conduct which states that the architect’s primary duty is to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Similar rules are also found in Code of Ethics and Personal Conduct, Rule 2.101 where it states that an architect shall not knowingly break the law which in this case would be the sprinkler code violation. Firstly the General Contractor should be talked to directly so it can be resolved without having to take official action. The GC should be made aware of their sabotage and you’re refusal to accept this course of action. If the sprinklers somehow get built regardless of your intervention the order of action that an architect should take in this situation is stated in the Code of Ethics and Personal Conduct, Rule 2.105. This rule says…