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All over the world since the Egyptian’s and the Mayan’s existed architecture was funded they were some of the best architects that the world has ever had. They desiangnt big 450ft pyramid’s and pathways threw their towns to make transportation easier for its people .Over the generations buildings have come down and building have gone up but there was always and architect behind that the architects have also a lot of knowledge in history and how thing where brought up, because they have the obligation of making gravity, space and material put into one .Computer science an early year career that was invented. In the year 1962 loran kleinrock of met developed the theory of pocket switching and MIT professor connected a Massachusetts computer to a California computer in 1965 over dial ups computer, it should a are wide internet connection which these leads to how in a matter of few years computer scientist came along and they were at first computer engineers. Do to the fact that they had to discover and developed beater networking it then became computer scientist .Over the years they had had been devoting a better understanding of technology and the world wide web, and making life a lot easier for people. In the present time of 25 years ago to know architecture and computer science, I belief that have change not only the united states but the world there have been a lot of great things and monument’s build by architects for example the twin towers the white house el castiyo de chapultepeck. Computer scenes has also contribute with its technology the first rocket on the moon the creation of world wide web the invention of cell phones these to career’s have helped and change the world immensely .Computer science a job that requires you a lot knowledge in the field of computers and technology Where it is required for you to earn a PhD to actually become a computer scientist .But architecture which is one of the world’s best careers do to the fact that the world was build buy and architect because of the land marks build like Italy and Tuscany city the Egyptian pyramids, the twin towers, architecture has raised up the world from its beginning to know.
Architecture has exited science man Cain was created but people did not realized it until know days that we luck at the history books. Since the times of the romans the Mayans the Egyptians and so on in life there was always a greet thinker behind all those pyramids, castles, towers ext. In the time of the Egyptians there was pyramids build over 450ft tall the great primed of kudu who was built in 500bc the exactitude of these people who dint even have a clue about levels, ratios and scales fore buildings or towers and they build a perfect pyramid. There was also the great filipo bruneliechi (1377-1446) is widely considered the first renaissance architect, trained in the great city of Florence brumanichihe went to the city of Rome to study ancient building’s, among his greatest buildings was the engineering of the dome Florence cathedral Santa Maria de fiore also known as the dumo .Although his building’s may appear a little small and unique, he had a way to combine to structure’s with indents and make it into art. Rome also played a part in the history of architecture because the whey they build their city’s aqueduct’s, buildings and the basilica of Rome the great architects where not classified as architect’s they were as in the instant time called thinkers but they were one of the first to have built big buildings and aqueduct’s threw the city’s. threw out the years architecture has developed a lot since the people and the technology has arisen the have been great buildings made on May 1889 the Ifol tower was made by Gustave eifel lattice structure, 324m (1,063 ft) tall, built in 1889, and has become one of the world's most recognizable and iconic buildings. But know day’s architecture has changed a lot in the past 50 years economy has risen a lot, and so does a lot of career’s