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Gonzaga University
Department of Housing and Residence Life

Job Description: Assistant Residence Director

A significant amount of the education one receives while a college student takes place outside the formal classroom setting. Gonzaga University believes strongly in this fact and is thus committed to providing an intentional and significant residential experience for students. For students in University residence halls, this learning is influenced much of the time by the personal relationships, the environment, and the programs developed in one’s hall. Residence Life staff members are selected based on their maturity, leadership qualities, experience and interest in maximizing the experience of GU students and staff.

As a part time member of the Division of Student Life, the residence hall staff member is the representative of the University who deals most directly with campus students. The role of each staff member is to work collaboratively to develop an environment in their assigned community, block, and across campus which is conducive to academic achievement, good scholarship and intellectual stimulation while promoting the integration of social, emotional, life-planning, political, identity, cultural, and spiritual growth. To do all this requires energy, self-discipline, the ability to observe, a knowledge of resources to assist in performance of the job, effective communication skills, the ability to establish good rapport and a sense of commitment to the mission and goals of the University, Division of Student Life, Office of Housing and Residence Life and their particular staff team.

General Description
The purpose of the Assistant Residence Director (ARD) is to provide students with opportunities for increased responsibilities in student leadership and administration. Traditionally, the ARD is responsible for duties pertaining to advising the Block Council and co-supervising a staff team.

Students selected to become ARDs will be expected by their colleagues, supervisors and the Department to fulfill the duties of the position. Conversely, ARDs can expect to receive ongoing training and support in order to be as successful as possible for themselves and for their residents.

A designated Residence Director (RD) supervises each ARD staff member. There are a set number of blocks on campus that have a corresponding RD, ARD, and Resident Assistants or Community Advocates (RAs or CAs). The RD is the immediate supervisor of the ARD on his/her block. The RD and ARD work collaboratively in the management and supervision of facilities, residents, and RAs. Because each block has different needs and different people bring unique skills and passions to the position, the duties of an ARD may vary slightly across blocks.

ARD Job Responsibilities
I. ARDs may also be RAs for a hall, building, or apartment complex. Meaning they must also complete all essential RA duties (please refer to the RA Job Description for details).
II. Staff and Leadership Development
a. Block Council: Co-advise the Block Council with the RD by attending all Block Council meetings and events; conducting 1-on-1 meetings with Block Council executive members as needed; and guiding Block Council members as they organize and develop themselves and their programming. Act as a liaison between Block Council and the RA staff.
b. Fall Training and Retreats: Attend and co-facilitate fall training sessions with other GU faculty and staff. Help the RD develop and facilitate staff retreats at least once per semester. Offer continual staff training to RAs as needed.
c. RA Selection: Help with RA Selection in the spring of 2013 and 2014 by promoting the RA positions through Interest Sessions, attending group interviews, serving on a sub-committee to conduct individual interviews, evaluating candidates, and helping the RD choose appropriate and competent staff members for the