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Architects, are they important

Architects are designers, Blueprinters, Creators, these are names describing a Architects role. More specifically Architects are a person trained to plan, design and oversee construction of a building or other things. So now that you know what they are, why do we even have them? Well in my opinion if we did not have Architects buildings would be crumbling, bridges contorting, and mega structures of the world falling to the ground all because a person is not properly trained in making that specific design. Even if Architects are off by 1cm it might cause thousands of deaths just because someone wasn't trained and slacked off a bit. Building designs in places like Dubai and Shanghai would not even be thinkable if someone was not trained to design these building or towers. They can also be specialized to be better in a specific field of design. Architects are important because they set the foundations of building, the foundations of our life's self.

So would buildings really collapse if architects were not there, probably. One example of someone working on a project that they were not trained for is Leon Moiseiff who to cut cost on the tacoma narrows bridge(Pic. 1) made it slimmer and more Elegant. Due to the High winds in the tacoma river valley of june 7 1940 the bridge collapsed because of it not having the proper foundations, all because of someone not being trained and cheating out. Footage of the accident is still shown in Engineering and Architect classrooms around the world. Many things could have been done to prevent this and if not for someone not being up to standard Luckily a Dog named tubby was the only fatality in this disaster. You could see where this could get even more serious though like if a building such as west Edmonton mall collapsed the damages could be much, much worse.

Many buildings such as the Burg Dubai(Pic 2) in Dubai would be unthinkable without modern Architecture. The burg Dubai being the tallest building in the world would have not have been able to be made with some one who just got asked to build a tall building. It took 7 years, 4.1 billion dollars, 330 000 cubic meters of concrete, 39 000 metric tons of steel and 142 000 square meters of glass, and a amazing amount of people to build this monument of human achievement. You would not want someone with zero training dealing with these kinds of resources would you. You would rather have someone with experience and also qualifications in that specific field. So having the proper training in building massive structures is very important in building the ever increasing size of the worlds megastructures.

There are many different fields of architecture such as Commercial, Residential, and Industrial. All of these fields Vary and further increase the need for Architects. Architects have many different positions in the workplace. Some build bridges, design skyscrapers, build houses, oversee construction of sports super