Are Bullies The Real Problem?

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Are Bullies the Real Problem?
School’s claims they don’t tolerate bullying, yet do nothing when a situation arises.

Bullying, it’s always been a big problem in schools and on social media around the world. But are schools really doing all they can to prevent this victimization and help when there is a situation?
Many people have complained about ruthless teasing in schools across the southern suburbs of Perth, but only two mothers we know of have taken the issue into their own hands.
“It’s just not fair on the child, they should be able to rely on the school to help and so far, each time we’ve asked, there has been no further action”, Rebecca, mother of two.
Every seven minutes, a child is bullied in a school and unfortunately for this family, their youngest son has been a victim to this over the past few months.
Jason, only aged 10, continually came home and would sit in his room, not wanting to be disturbed or talk to anyone.
“We used to think he was talking to his friends on his iPad or reading, but because this has been such an ongoing occurrence, we asked him to tell us what was wrong.”
It turns out that young Jason had been a victim to cruel bullying over the past months, but hadn’t said anything because he didn’t want to seem like a tell – tale. The school, which has asked to remain unnamed, has insisted that they didn’t know the issue was going on, even after a teacher saw Jason being physically pushed to the floor off the playground.

“I was disgusted by the schools approach to the issue at hand, even after my husband and myself had gone and spoken to the principle, they just didn’t seem to care.”
Rebecca quickly removed her child from the harmful environment and has taken him to a new school where he is apparently doing much better and I surrounded by a strong, supportive group of friends now.

One of the things that many people have failed to realise is that it’s now a lot easier to send abusive messages and target people online. This is especially common amongst teenagers as social media plays a large role in most of their lives.
Many children’s journey’s through school and affected by bullying in one way or another. This could be that they are the victims or that they are bully, who thinks that others should feel just as horrid as they do about life. Their friends might be bullied which would put an emotional strain on friendships and groups.
Bullying also affects their health in a big way. Many victims become anorexic if they were taunted about weight or the victim may eat a lot more than they should because ‘eating their feelings’ is a short-term release from the problem at hand. In many cases, severe depression and anxiety have been the outcome from