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Are certain punishments that apply to offenders a necessary form of justice?

Weather members of our society should be punished for a crime is a hard topic to deal with because it is not as black and white as “what did the offender do wrong” it also has to touch on what nationality is the offender, how long has he been in the country for, what gender is the offender, what age and many other variables most of which can also apply to the innocent.
When a member of society commits a crime, they get a punishment but what classifies as a crime? A crime is a rule that our government makes up most laws are logical and keep people in their place. What I believe a crime should be classified as is a act that frightens, effects the lives of others in a negative manner, injures or kills other members of society. If we just took care of the laws that I said we should focus on it would eliminate the need for giving out unfair punishments. If you do a act that only effects your life and no one else’s I do not see how it can be considered as a crime. I find it ridicules that someone can drink alcohol a substance that is classified as a neurotoxin that causes in some cases angry behaviour harming of other people and even result in the deaths of them self, due to it killing 2.5 million people per year but get a life sentence in jail for smoking marijuana. Marijuana kills 0 people per year it needs 20, 40 thousand times the amount of thc in ones smoke to even put someone at risk of death,