Are Computers beneficial to us Essay

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Are Computers beneficial to us? Computers and technology are a part of our lives nowadays, and this may have made us overly dependent on them. When a calculator isn’t needed- it’s used. When we try to look up information in a book- We look it up in the computer. Our society has been overly dependent on this and it may be harder for us in the future. With the advancement of technology affecting every single one of us. We are beginning to lose our “face to face” communication. Soon society may not even become a thing; or even a word in a dictionary. Soon we humans will be starting to become unfit or obese. We need to be more social and active. Furthermore, computers and technology are in a virtual world. We need to focus more on the real world, than a world composed with 0’s and 1’s- It’s just simply fantasy. New technology and social media are constantly changing, evolving and developing, which means our face to face communication is also changing. The changes often means; less face to face communication. According to the New York Times, recent studies suggests that verbal communication decreased heavily in the last century, when most of ‘today’ technology did not exist. According to a newspaper article, suggests that now people jobs and workplaces have changed a lot. A Melbourne barrister David Gillbertson doesn’t need to go to a Supreme Court Library to find out any past or related judgements anymore. He now can go on his iPhone and review them for the days ahead. According to a website, ( about 188 billion emails are sent out per day. People would say that sending out emails and texting to their friends are convenient, but studies suggest that it pushes us into the bad route for society. There is also no secret that social media time usage has been increased dramatically, there is no doubt that verbal communication is going to continue to decrease and possibly creating no verbal communication in the future. Have you ever noticed that people are now sitting at the computers for long hours? Especially children. More children are becoming overweight and obese. Studies recall from the Better Health Channel. The main causes are: spending time on electronics, and eating unhealthy. On average, Australian Children watch about 2 and a half hours of television a day, as well as spending time on computers or other electronics for long and tiring hours. Sourced from the Age papers. According to a report from the non-profit Milken Institute,” It changes the way people eat and act.” But that is another topic to discuss about some other time. Many people have been so into the real world that they have completely forgotten about living in the real world. People have just been so caught up to it. Like a fishing trap. How about asking