Are Electronic Medical Records a Cure for Health Care? Essay

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Case Study Week VII
Are Electronic Medical Records a Cure for Health Care?
MGT 5014 – Information Systems
Dr. Bourgeois

Summary “The information contained in the medical record allows health care providers to determine the patient's medical history and provide informed care. The medical record serves as the central repository for planning patient care and documenting communication among patient and health care provider and professionals contributing to the patient's care (Medical Records, 2012).” Medical information today is still being kept by using paper medical records. In 2010, 80 percent of doctors and 90 percent of hospitals were still using paper medical records. This is in the United States. With the enormous cost of
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Management will have to deal with the organizational and technical difficulties of building an EMR system. They will have to lead the change in organizational resistance and champion this change for the betterment of the organization. Management will need to be out front and lead in the technical changes that will take place in the organization. As far as leading the technical integration of the system, they will need to well verse in the technical changes that will occur and management will need to show tangible proof that these changes are needed to better improve their health care system. The most difficult task will be up to management because they will be the champion for the new EMR system and it is management who will have to get everyone on board, so the new system can move forward and provide the most important intangible benefit, better service to hospital patients.
Question 2 According to Hill (2005) there are three phases in building an EMR system. These phases are the organizational phase, construction phase, and operational phase. Each phase has its own set of difficulties. The interaction with people is very difficult and all is these phases will be difficult. The organizational phase deals with planning, identifying a vendor, and installation. The planning step involves gathering and hiring