Are Sports Fans Happier Analysis

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Are Sports Fans Happier is written by Sid Kirchheimer. The author claims that being a fan of any sport is good for the mind, body, and soul. Rooting for your favorite team provides a thrill like no other. On the other hand, being a die-hard sports fan can come with its consequences. I believe that following any sports team is good for the people to better connect with each other. Each time our favorite team scores that game-winning touchdown or hits a walk-off homerun that is a time that gives us something to cheer about beyond comparison. Sports give us an outlet for a conversation starter. After Sunday night football we are able to meet with our co-workers and start conversations with “did you see that game last night?” The conversations between workers in the workplace build morale and friendships. After a long 9-5 shift at work coming home to watch the big game gives people a sense of excitement that’s enables them to break from the stress of everyday life. In the reading Daniel Wann states that “Being a fan gives us something talk about and a chance to bond with others.” Sports gives people the social support that is necessary for survival. Cheering uncontrollably creates bonds with your friends, family, and possibly a mutual fan you’ve just met at buffalo wild wings. These …show more content…
Being a lifelong follower of many sports has brought me much more joy than sadness. Sports have helped me gain many friends and memories. It has taught me how to handle the highs of winning and the lows of losing. It has allowed me to connect with people of all ages and bond with strangers who have become friends. Playing and watching sports has given me a sense of belonging to something. Just by wearing a cowboy’s jersey around will get me high fives, thumbs up, and conversations from complete strangers. While I may not know all those people, it gives me a sense of connection to people around the