Are Too Many People Going To College

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Have you felt like giving up on college in a moment? Most importantly, why do you think it is worth it to spend four years in a university? Freeman Hrabowski in his article, “College Prepares People for Life,” informs, “College prepares people for jobs, but more critically, it prepares people for life.” Without a degree, it is most likely you will not get the job you desire, will not achieve your goals, and many schools and companies will reject you. Getting a college education guarantees an individual with many benefits such as better job opportunities and a general preparation. In the other hand, college can have its perquisites such as being highly costly and requiring a lot of dedication and time.
Higher education empowers students with
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“Many economists and educators point to data showing that the fastest growing job categories required at least a college degree,” There is evidence that the companies’ requirement has changed to a higher expectation of employment (260). In an article, “Are Too Many People Going to College” by Charles Murray also point to “the employer do not even interview applicants who do not hold a B.A, do not value what the student learned, just that the student’s has a degree” (245). A college degree is becoming an essential key to obtain a good job, without a degree, you will not succeed and be less likely get a chance to have a good life. Because a B.A degree does not cost the employer and a lot people go to college, so employers particularly value the people with degrees rather than those with good …show more content…
People always refuse to go to college because they think is too expensive for them. In contrast, the college’s tuition to the future’s job salary, the college tuition costs a negative dollar to them because they are eligible to use their knowledge forever and get high-paying job. To spend four years of college it is not bad, because you are giving the chance to obtain a good paying job and you have the opportunity to work doing something you love, college is counted as one of the shortest experience in life, yet the most memorable. Murray mentioned in his article, “When only a small percentage of people get college degrees, employer who required a B.A. have been shutting themselves off from access to most of the talent,” described that our society has been changed in the couple years(245). Most people with talents choose to go to college, so this quote is opposite to supporting that a college degree is valuable and