Are Virus's Alive? Essay

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Kaylee Drew December 3, 2013
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From the various facts including the reproduction and growth status of the organisms and proven statistics I believe that viruses are indeed alive. Science proves that the bacteria in viruses have the same characteristics that a living organism does. Viruses are the most efficient entities on this planet to circulate and breed genetic material. They can multiply in mass numbers within minutes, and cause destruction throughout the world. Viruses carry genes, DNA, RNA and have protein material. These are some basic elements that living organisms like virus’s carry. In addition one of the last things that make a virus a living structure is its ability to infect any eukaryotic celled species such as humans or animals. Only a living thing can infect others and carry contagious illnesses. Therefore the given physiognomies proves the life of a virus. A virus can reproduce in hundreds within hours. For a virus to multiply it goes through a never ending cycle. First the virus attaches to the cell becoming one with the host,the virus than injects its DNA into a cell, the viruses DNA uses the cells organelles to grow and to destroy the cell, lastly the virus break out the dead cell. For the virus to multiply it must first attack itself to a host cell. The main entity is that the virus lives, breeds, and feeds off of its host. They depend on the host cell to reproduce as it says in the article “Introduction to the viruses” by C. Emilliani, it says that when a virus comes into contact with a host that it inserts it genetic material into giving it the ability to spread and reproduce. Reproduction of a virus can be bad news. It takes days or hours for a virus to spread through contact. Many virus’s have wiped out and killed thousands of people; such as “Bubonic Plague” and “Spanish Flu”. Some virus’s such as these, have destroyed families and left victims dead and in suffering. Thankfully, modern science has allowed us to prevent and treat many serious cases of virus’s, so many lives can be saved. For an organism to be considered “living” it must carry genetic material such as DNA/RNA virus do carry DNA and RNA. Though some material from a virus is engineered most is natural. Also, virus’s hold organelles such as mitochondria, ribosomes, DNA, and proteins. These are the elements that prove that viruses are alive, even though many eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells carry same organelles. They help a cell function and carry out its basic needs for survival. Although some might believe that viruses are complex biochemical mechanisms, others believe they are simple organisms from nature. Viruses go through different phases of life to benefit their life span, and reproduction quantity. Causing them to grow, change, adapt, and expand to benefit themselves.But virus’s make it to their main goal to infect a host. With all the evidence and organelles a virus betrays, it surely is a flourishing entity. The main purpose in a virus’s life is to infect and grow in a host. Viruses are known for their negative, fatal, and disapproving effect they have on humans and animals. Viruses can only contaminate eukaryotic celled species or