Essay about Are You Familiar with the Rotary Part of Cement Mill?

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As we all know that the cement mill consists of feeding device, rotary body, discharging device, sliding shoe bearings and high voltage starting lubrication device and other devices. Are you really familiar with the rotary body of the cement mill?

Rotary part is the body of the cement mill, the grinding process is completed in this. Rotary body is mainly composed of feed taper sleeve, barrel, double isolation warehouse, lining board, discharge bin, transmission over, etc.Feed cone for steel plate welding, PuChen within plate, bolts and barrel hoop web connection.Cylinder composed of thick steel plate, cylinder with open manhole, for maintenance and loading and unloading of grinding medium.

On both ends of the cylinder as the thick steel plate is worth a hoop, it directly with cylinder steel plate welding, rolling circle welding steel plate as the web in the middle.The rotary part, including the grinding medium and material weight through two roller ring bearing on the sliding shoe bearing, as a result, the material of roll ring and processing quality of the welded cylinder and quality can directly affect the grinding machine safety operation. In order to better to grind materials, with every other warehouse plate mill can be divided into two warehouse, the warehouse is equipped with larger diameter of steel ball to break into the grinding of large materials into small particles, the storehouse board insulation to the two positions, again by the ball in the second warehouse material grinding into fine powder.

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