Are You Married Essay

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Finding a job is not easy these days. There are many university graduates who have to settle for low-paying positions with few opportunities for advancement, and there are others who are forced to do part-time work outside of their field of studies. If a person is lucky enough to be called for a job interview, the pressure is immense. Knowing that the answers to those few questions will have such a massive impact on their lives, job applicants will say whatever they can if they believe that is what the interviewer wants to hear. As a result, the interviewer is in a definite position of power and should follow some basic rules of fairness. For example, it is completely unacceptable for the interviewer to ask the question “are you married?” for two main reasons. Firstly, a person’s marital status has no effect on his/her ability to do a job. Since the interview is specifically designed to select a new employee for the benefit of the business, it makes no difference whether the person is married or single. Some may argue that certain jobs require extensive travel, which would be difficult for a person in a serious relationship, but this is a false assumption. Every person is different and so is every relationship. It is not the job of the interviewer to determine whether a particular job is good or bad for a married person, so the question should simply not be asked. Another reason asking about a person’s marital status during a job interview is wrong is because modern…