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Are you a global citizen?
Yasi Dehdashty

A person who claims to be a global citizen is someone who identifies themselves as a member of the “global community” rather than a citizen of one nation/ place. Global citizens believe that a person’s identity can transcend geographical or political borders. A global citizen does not renounce their identity with their nationality or home community, but they give precedence to their role in the global community. I believe that coming from a mixed race family I have ties to not just one nation or one culture. I also believe that my background has encouraged me to look beyond my small town lifestyle and focus on the world as a whole. I strive to keep up with world news, global events, and international relations on a regular basis in order to be more open minded and intelligent about the world I live in. In the age of globalization I feel it is incredibly important to understand other cultures and involve oneself in global events because even small communities are becoming “melting pots”. I believe that there is an interconnectedness between all cultures and societies and that is mindset of a global citizen. Being a global citizen also means finding answers to the world’s problems without focusing on national interests. This can be a hard concept for citizens of all nations because as individuals we want to see our “homelands” succeed and become powerful in the global community. Nationalism is something you find in…