Are Your Parents Crazy In Love

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Elsa Ross
November 19, 2014

Are your parents crazy in love? Do they ever embarrass you? For most people these episodes of humiliation occur because of things like trying too hard to be 'hip' in front of your friends, or dancing in public. For me? I can recall numerous incidents where the embarrassment was forced upon me because of their freaky PDA.

Last Saturday, for example, I invited my new boyfriend, Dave, over for dinner to meet my erratic parents. My mom decided to cook her signature spaghetti and meat sauce. I was a little nervous that my parents would say something embarrassing or (lord forbid) hall out baby pictures. When Dave arrived my worries soon passed because the rents were acting somewhat normal for once (what!?). Turns out I let my guard down too quickly, for it wasn't until after dinner that my mother’s frisky side came out to play. My parents were both standing by the sink doing the dishes. Dave and I stood directly behind them, waiting to hand them our plates. Before we had a chance to slide the dirty dishes in the sink my mom reached out her hand and gave my dad’s butt a rigid, playful squeeze! Dave and I glanced at each other; he began laughing as my face turned a bright shade of red. I'm trying not to be the PDA Police, but could they have at least waited until the third date?

I think this is the first time I’ve ever realized that my parents are in love. This completely r-rated behavior enabled me to see that I’m actually slightly comforted by their profound fondness of one another. The more I notice their PDA, the more I appreciate it. Kissing in public and holding hands while walking through the mall are simple ways they show off the crush they have on each other. Their affection gives me a sense of hope. Hope that one day I will find someone who’s