Area 51

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Area 51
By: Haley Kowalski

The government’s job is to keep us safe, right? In turn they should have to tell us if something happens. What they discovered at area 51 should not be confidential. It affects us all either directly or indirectly. Some may panic if there happens to be other life forms on earth but, we need to face the facts that Americans deserve to know what’s happening behind closed doors.
Some say the biggest secret about Area 51 is that it was never a secret at all. Some that have worked at area 51 say that the government likes that Americans talk about aliens so they can cover up what’s really there; military equipment.
Area 51 is a United States air force site in the Nevada desert. There lies a massive underground city were aliens and humans work together on covert projects. In 1950 Area 51 was built but it was not released to the public till years later. When they chose to build area 51 they had to make a 8,500 foot runway to not draw attention. contractors worked under the cover of the night. They had to add an additional 38,400 acres of land around the base to be withdrawn from the public. It became a 440-square mile box.
Early on, the only entertainment at Area 51 consisted of one cement tennis court and a bowling alley. No television or radio signals. The mess hall served lobster and oysters and once a week steak night. Every Sunday night you would be flown into work by a private plane. All electronics and ways of contact were to be left at home. You would be living with sometimes 5 others in a house. You would not leave the base till Friday nights.
A recent poll showed that 57% of Americans believe that UFOs are real. So if that many already are set in what they believe shouldn’t the government just tell us the truth? After an increase in “UFO sightings” in 1952, the CIA concluded that “there is a remote possibility that there may be interplanetary aircraft.” With 90% of reported UFO sightings easily debunked the other 10% were a number of incredible reports from credible observers. Over half of UFO sightings from late 1950s through 1960s were accounted by manned reconnaissance flights over the United States.
Will the government ever tell the American citizens what kind of experiments and the knowledge happening at Area 51? The world may never know. But eventually at some point information will be leaked so we may know part of the history and truth behind what’s being hidden there and at many other bases among the United States. Many may not have the advanced mind-set to comprehend what kind of knowledge that is being held under lock and key, some may just not be mature enough but, we as American people are looked up to by the world and if we can’t handle being told the truth of what’s happening in our own country then, other countries may think..hmm if the government can’t tell them the truth without them overreacting then maybe if we sugar coat everything as well maybe we can get our way too. We are supposed to be the superpower, we need to start acting like it and become more sensible people, citizens, and Americans.
The Smithsonian –afflicted national atomic testing museum promised to reveal UFO secrets. They conducted a week long convention where they had some “alien artifact” found in Russia there. Many known UFO believers were there speaking about what they think is truly out there and what their suspicions about our government. One said that “the government “sold” us to the aliens.” This means that they believe that the government traded us for equipment and technology which in turn they could abduct us and they would act like they never knew what happened. Many skeptics don’t believe this for a second and others live by this and in fear every day that their life that they were going to be taken. Others had spoken at the museum. Around 50,000 people had shown up at it.
Unexplained? Those who believe that an alien craft or possibly two crashed in Roswell