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*History Bowl

Mr. Negron

"May. End of April, beginning of May."
"Competition between the grades to test their knowledge of history, current events, and geography."
"We haven't chosen the competitors. Every grade has their own method. Every teacher is the captain of their grade."
"We've been doing it do probably around six years. It's fun and exiting. We get people to come in and watch. It's just fun."
"Each social studies teacher writes the questions for two categories."
"My room 135, but the finals are sometimes in the library."
"Read the newspaper, the current events category is where the winners are made."

Polly Begum

"I was in it last year and we won."
"I was the replacement for another student but I had fun doing it. I would do it again."
"I would've changed the way it was set up. We could've at least gotten buzzers or something like that."
"I don't know, no one has really told me anything."
"I think it's a good way to bring the school together."

Ronak Patel

"The sophomores won last year and we won a trophy that was placed in Mr.Negrons room."
"I'm not sure about being in it this year. I would if I didn't have other things that I have to do."
"It feels good to win because you kinda get more confidence and it pushes you to do better."
"I hope this year the competition is more advanced. They should have buzzers rather than having us raise our hands. It was really stressful."

*Softball team/group

Mr. Raphael

"I'd like to get a team going for the HS girls especially because the girls at our school only have one sport."
"So they can enjoy being involved in sports and gain confidence and help them overcome obstacles"
"It's just something fun to do after school, I hope many girls join by the end of this month.
"I got two games against other schools to get the whole team feeling going on."

Qaleelah Smith

"I joined because I've always loved softball and I've been playing for a long time."
"For now we only practice after school on Tuesdays but later on we will start having practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays."
"I wish more girls would join. We can't really have a team if there are no teammates."
"I do think we need more sports because its not fair that most sports revolve around the guys."

Brittney Sherwood

"I was in the group last year and it was a lot of fun plus it's my senior year so I want to do as much as I can."
"I think it's fun, it's a new sport and I like learning about it and how to play."
"A lot of times some guys from the baseball team come to our practices and practice with us, it's fun."
"Right now there's only six girls but the plan is to get at least twenty or around there to play some games against other schools."

History Bowl