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The name of my country is Argentina my country is on South America it is 5402 miles away from Raleigh North Carolina. From the south. This country is 28million square miles long. The population of the country is 40.2 million. The Main language that people speak is Italian and Mexican. There is 70% Roman Catholic 9% protestant 1.5% Muslim and .08% Jew. The main ethnic groups are European 97% and other 3%. The sport they play is soccer. The mountain ranges are San Juan and Mendoza. The principal waterways are the Atlantic Ocean and the Uruguay River. The climate is fairly warm all year but have cold winters and beautiful springs. The highest point in Argentina is accanacagura lowest point is San Juan the region is the southern hemisphere. The first visitors were actually explorers from I believe France the discovered Argentina and they were the first being there. The actual Europeans that settled in this country were the explorers. They started there settlements in Spain for land and money. Argentina was first discovered in 1502 by explorer amerio vespiccui. Argentina established in 1776. Then regained freedom 1886. The leader of Argentina is Christiana Fernandez my country became independent in 1886. The government in our country is cruel and not very helpful to its people they are mean. But they are also strong and