Arguement: Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Garibaldi Essay

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The Arguments of Kimmel and Garibaldi
Garibaldi and Kimmel both give common views on gender issues in their articles “How the Schools Shortchange Boys” and “A War against Boys”. They both have compelling argument stating that the schools are “feminized” in ways that are setting male students up for failure. While this is happing girls are exceeding, and boy are disengaged. Garibaldi argues that: (442)
1. 65% of boys and 73% of girls got diplomas in the HS class of '03,
2. Kenyon College has affirmative action for boys All
3. Garibaldi's Special Ed students have been boys.
4. Brandon doesn't like Ms. Waverly.
5. Garibaldi doesn't like working in groups.
6. He says texts show girls in good ways and boys in bad ways.
All of Garibaldi’s main ideas are based on his teaching career as a special-education teacher. They all have no actual proof as to why girls are being complimented and boys are considered disruptive. Kimmel has shown more statistical evidence when addressing the subject which gives this argument a better chance of more readers. All of his research is proven from Americas view, and not his own thoughts. “When the first lady offers a helping hand to boys, you know something is political is in the works. “Rescuing” boys actually translates into bashing feminism.” (pg.448). this alone draws attention and shows kimmel did his homework.
Kimmel argues that:
1. From elementary schools to high schools boys have lower grades, lower class rank, and