Essay on Arguement: Halloween and Western Culture

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When did Halloween originate? Why do we celebrate this holiday? Halloween take place on the eve of All Saints Day which is November 1st. Halloween, also called Hallows eve, is supposed to be the day when all of the evil spirits come out. In western culture, we celebrate this by dressing up as our favorite super hero or sometimes something scary! Obviously this holiday has lost some of its purpose and meaning over the centuries. Most people don’t even know why this holiday is celebrated! The super hero costumes are supposed to represent “evil demons.” The whole going door to door and collecting candy is definitely a western culture addition to the holiday. The “evil spirits” are supposed to be vanquished on All Saints Day, November 1st. This old Christian holiday is almost never celebrated outside of churches. For instance, I didn’t know that there was even a holiday on November 1st! Although this holiday (Halloween) has lost some of its meaning, it’s still more popular than ever in western culture, and its popularity continues to grow! When I was younger, I loved going from house to house and loved picking out my favorite candy from the candy bowls! Some of my fondest memories form my childhood occurred when I dressed up as superman, or a pirate, or something else and took to the streets with my neighborhood friends! It was the same routine every year in my neighborhood; a bunch of us would dress up and go trick or treating around out neighborhood! Even now, I still