Arguement: Like Water for Chocolate and Laura Esquivel Essay

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From the most intimate space of a Mexican House, from the stories of creatures

that are born, love and die in the kitchen, from the own recipes, often irrigated with the

tears of women and transmitted from generation to generation, the driving force of Como

water for chocolate is in the recreation of the words in the service of a metaphor of the


Mexican writer will use the humbler tools of the language of the

boilers, fire and the culinary ingredients to go further and make their way to narrate one

secret history of love and desire. Because Laura Esquivel, as a woman who writes, and as

Latin American author, clearly points to the creative process of the same language.

In the new Latin American novel, Carlos Fuentes stated that «invent a language

that is all history has silent». Carlos Fuentes noted the widespread trend

the verbal exploration of Latin American writers "the critical elaboration of all lono

said in our long history of lies, silence, rhetoric and academic complicity".

Against "the unspoken", against the impossibility of Tita to marry the man who loves,

against the subordination to old irrational ways, against the unjust conviction of the daughter

minor who may not consummate their love by submission of adjoining unwritten family orders

but exercised with the violence of the facts, proclaims an imaginative language, Laura Esquivel

ancestral, ironic and replete that it goes beyond the culinary field to be established in the language of one

boundless passion. But this overflowing passion will only be expressed through the process

loving, slow and sensual of the elaboration of the cuisine of Tita.

Each dish will provoke in diners a whole series of images and sensations of

unexpected and uncontrollable effects. So happened to Gertrude before boarding naked to the

horse of John to lose on a copulation at full Gallop: «seemed to food»

I was drinking produced an aphrodisiac effect on it as he began to feel that a huge o deal with the lives of women limited to an action which only will be expressed

through the efforts to satisfy others. The strength of the love of Tita and his claim

staff will make the rite of outside nutrition a magical ritual full of rebelliousness. There is a

extraordinary image where Titan, that ' not resisted a hungry person asked

food», offers his sister baby berreante his chest of unmarried woman: "when she»

He saw that the child gradually recovered tranquillity in his face and heard him swallow

He suspected that something extraordinary was happening". Tita, turned suddenly into Ceres, Goddess

the power, by an act of love. Throughout the novel, Esquivel reiterate these

episodes that link nutrition and female affection and become the symbol of the female Titan

as a giver of food and healing.

Laura Esquivel (city of Mexico, 1948) published this novel in 1989. Like water for

chocolate was soon translated into 33 languages and made into a film by filmmaker Alfonso Arau, by