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One advantage of watching TV is its educational value. For instance, TV can help people learn about a variety of subjects. Television can inspire young learners. Finally, another advantage of television is that there are channels solely based on teaching you about a certain topic.
Television can educate you on a variety of subjects. For instance, if there was a topic you enjoyed and wanted to learn more about you could most likely find a show solely based on that topic that provides information about the topic. One time, I was interested in learning about World War II because both of my great grandfathers were in it and I found a documentary about it on the Military Channel and learned more information on World War II. In fact, there are television shows that teach you how to do various things such as how to cook, home repairing, and survival skills. Finally, the variety of subjects that television teaches you is endless.
Television inspires children to engage in learning. Not only does television engage kids to learn, but kids can also learn from television shows themselves. Also, when children see one of their favorite character on a TV show engaging in a learning activity the kids themselves would want to engage in that activity. When I was younger, I used to watch Dora, she would engage in some learning activities, and Dora had taught me basic Spanish and logic. Kids can be educated my television in numerous ways.
Television shows, channels, as well as movies are solely based on informing you about a certain topic. Moreover, many television channels are put on the TV to inform you on certain information. For example, some shows on Animal Planet give you an up-close look on the life of various animals and inform you on how they live and thrive in their habitats. For instance, when I was watching Duel Survival on National Geographic a while ago I learned survival skills such as how to make a fire. Not only did the show educate me on how to survive in the wilderness, but it had also taught me