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Natasha Klein
Dr. Gamble
October 12, 2014
Argument Analysis ­ Mod. 7 1.) The following paragraphs contain the fallacy I am analyzing:
“And her bill, like much anti-G.M.O. action, was inspired by distrust of the seed-producing biotechnology companies, which had backed a state measure to prevent local governments from regulating their activity.”
“The companies had no corporate presence here on the Big Island, which lacks the large parcels of land they preferred. Still, Ms. Wille said at a “March Against Monsanto
” rally last spring, if the island allowed farmers to grow genetically modified crops, the companies could gain a foothold. “This represents nothing less than a takeover of our island,” she told the crowd. “There’s a saying, ‘If you control the seed, you control the food; if you control the food, you control the people.’ ””
2.) This passage occurs on pages three and four.
3.) This passage contains a fallacy of slippery slope.
4.) In the paragraphs I chose to analyze, the slippery slope fallacy is apparent. It is noted that
Margaret Wille had previously formed a distrust of seed­producing G.M.O. companies, although it does not give a valid reason for her formation of distrust. Her background was in cultural anthropology and public advocacy law. The only knowledge it states that she had regarding

G.M.O products was that her brothers had previously owned a health food store. That being said, the article does not portray her as being any kind of expert in the area of genetically modified crops. Despite her lack of