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John Q Essay In the movie “John Q”, the director Nick Cassavetes builds tension before the climax by using different tactics such as intense sounds, props, lighting, costumes and sets to create a deep impact on the audience. For instance, the director used the music “justice of the heart” which has a very sad and depressing tone throughout the barriers of insurance to show his struggle and how John kept trying even though he never succeeded. He also zoomed in on all the papers John had to file to make the audience feel sorry for John since no one likes to fill out a bunch of paperwork but he dealt with them anways. I also found it very interesting how in some scenes John wore a cap to show that he is an ordinary guy, while at other scenes when he goes to an office, he does not. In my opinion I think this shows that he has respect for authority while his best friend wore a cap everywhere. It also builds tension when the producer zoomed into the calculations, the red numbers in the calculator really attracts the audience eyes to make them see how the money was not even near what he needed. Then he had to go to even more offices and stand in even longer and tiring lines, but sadly the results were never that impressing. Another intense moment was the one caused by the heart monitor. The way it kept decreasing,that red color and the beeping could really tense an individual. It was also very depressing and annoying once the wife called him to let him know

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