A Brief Note On Ethnic Studies

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Johnny Avila
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Melissa Moran
December 5th, 2014 Ethnic Studies teaches students the different views of major types of racial groups here in the United States. Students learn the way each culture is, among other ethnic groups. They learn about how social class, racism, sexuality, and gender is developed through the culture. In the state of California, Ethnic Studies should be a requirement for schools K-12 because it has been proven that taking the course has a positive impact on the student’s education, awareness of other cultures, and achievement. It is necessary to have a requirement for Ethnic Studies because each race should be able to learn about their history and their own culture. For example, from my experience growing up every text book would only teach us about how people were treated badly in American textbooks, but they would not mention any of the other races’ great accomplishments. When blacks are mentioned in textbooks slavery always has to have an emphasis. Taking into consideration that Native Americans were the ones that were here first, there should be more history about them. It is mostly in the United States and focuses mainly on the Whites. If Ethnic Studies was required to be taken students would gain more knowledge of the great accomplishments that their culture has formed. Students that are taught Ethnic Studies will see the perspectives of other races which will decrease the amount of stereotyping in this society because they will learn how the culture works together to try and succeed. The amount of stereotyping would decrease because in K-12 schools the students would have the ability to learn where every culture comes from. This is vital to growth because it leads to greater understanding at younger ages. If the students were taught starting in kindergarten, they would know the unique differences in races. For example, if students were taught how Hispanics or African Americans have contributed to the United States also one as a student would know what it took for them to do what the United States is today. This would be a great way to