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Robin Raoche
October 30, 2013
Professor Bove
English 101
Argument Essay Changes of Disobedience of Speed limits

As people have we become more and more inpatient with our driving abilities? Are we such in a hurry that it can cause our life to be taken? What if you believed that by keeping the speed limit low it would be easier to avoid getting into an accident or being aware of an accident getting ready to occur? The problem of today’s driving is that people are too comfortable getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and not really thinking about what they are really doing. Changes most definitely have to be made so that the disobeying of speed limits can decrease. Recently, I decided that I was ready to get my license and try this driving thing out for a while and once I did I was totally amazed at how impatient the people of today are. A car is a luxury and it’s just sad how people abused their cars. It seems to me that it is very easy to pay attention to speed and if you get ticketed you pretty much deserve to. The worst thing I witness as I was driving is when a person tailgates you when you’re going the speed limit your supposed to go. I tend to drive slower than most probably, so that if I ever need to stop quickly I have a better chance to react just in time in relation to distance the car in front of me. Honestly, if we can include better options of driving education, more enforcement, and stricter penalties people won’t have to worry about getting tremendous amount of speeding tickets, billions of dollars of undeserved insurance charges, spending unnecessary money on gas because of the speed you’re going and disrupt traffic flow. This also could make police officers spend more time and energy on important events rather than focus on ‘’Radar’’ all the time. Paul Hudson an Editor thinks that ‘’changes should not be made and that the speed limit should