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Budget Cuts Hits Chicago; Should Teachers Be Laid Off?
Eric Davis
ENG/122 Composition II
Lejla Tricic
July 19, 2010

Gems, diamonds, and precious rubies are considered to be valuable and are treasured. What I consider to be jewels and precious charms is our youth and dedicated teachers. Chicago Public School Teachers should not be laid off due to budget cuts. Laying off CPS teachers is something that I believe would be completely detrimental to the growth and development of our youth. One of the repercussions of budget cuts would be the class sizes in one classroom would increase. Also, students will lose their extracurricular activities and other extra classes, such as music, due to budget cuts. Students would also not have that one on one attention they need with a teacher that helps their personality and academic development. These three repercussions would not help our youth graduate and move onto higher education.
Many times law makers do not consider the impact that CPS’s finest educators have on their students. In my opinion, it seems as though lawmakers want larger classrooms; a shorter amount of learning time and less hands on learning materials. The Chicago Sun Times writes (2010), “CPS would hike class sizes as high as 37 students” (Maudlyne Ihejirika), this would not help the students because they wouldn’t receive the hands on attention that they need. I believe that if they increase the class sizes, students who have learning disabilities would be overlooked even more so than they are now. Even now teachers are being over worked so much that they can barely offer one on one attention to their students. If the class sizes increase then many more students would not receive the attention they need. It would become up to the student to reach out to the teacher and some students are discouraged from doing that.
Laying off teachers due to budget cuts would also decrease the learning time that students receive. “But the problems won't be limited to job losses and less instruction time in crammed classrooms” (Ihejirika), this would not help the students in the long run. Especially since Illinois lawmakers are trying to raise the overall test scores throughout the state. The Chicago Tribune stated that (2010), “Illinois education officials in the last week set new expectations for what every public school student should know in math and reading, joining a national push to create one set of standards.” (Tara Malone), I think this is one of the worst initiatives Illinois lawmakers can implement. If teachers are being laid off, who is going to teach these students everything they need to learn to pass this unified test? CPS students would be at a disadvantage since they would be in classrooms with a larger class size which would lead to them not receiving the attention they need. Laying off teachers but increasing the test scores for students to achieve is not something that will help students succeed, it would actually hinder them from graduating and moving onto higher education. I think that another negative impact the budget cuts would have on students is the loss extracurricular activities that would help their physical and personality development. In my own experience, I know that extracurricular activities help with the overall development of the student. Students need a well rounded education that does not only focus on academics but also physical and mental development. Teacher layoffs would also mean the laying off of guidance counselors which is a much needed