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Raul Guevara
AP English
Mr. Gutierrez
Period 4
April 5, 2015
Argument Essay There has been many questions on how to make every student in a high school of America be more entertain in school and avoid any ideas of dropping out of school and follow a different path. Now a days, many dropouts of students in high school is because they are not engaged in class, they are bored because they subject that is being taught to them is something boring that they won’t be able to relate in life. The future of America is important so it is critical for the kids to always be engaged and actually want to go to school for the best of them. High school requirements should be changed so that students could be able to complete a four-year sequence of career technical education courses so they could get more prepare in what they actually want to do. All the money that goes into students that drop out of school goes to waste, that money could be saved and actually better the economy. Students are the future of America they should be able to have the best resources for their future.
The reasoning for dropouts in America is the fact that many students are not engaged and interested at what they are doing, they would rather study something that interest them then have a hard time trying to understand something they won’t relate in life later on. One main thing that should be change in high school requirements is their choosing of classes to teach. In order to avoid students dropping out of college when they get there, schools need to provide career classes that that students can be able to choose from so when they go off and be an individual person in college, they will have some experience at what they are doing. This can lower the drop out percentage in college and even though this might take some money to create and get the teachers to teach this classes, later on in the future the economy will be better because of this acts. Furthermore, by providing this classes, now students will be engaged and care to go to school because they are being taught subjects for their future jobs such as engineering or agriculture. We are talking about the future kids that need every resource to be able to succeed in life so they could better the country. Throughout the country, many students drop out of high school for whatever reason such as not being interested and loosing the idea of how valuable education