Argument Essay: If I Want To Go To College

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If you’re of the age of around 15-20, you’ve probably asked yourself at some point “Should i go to college?” If you have, then you’ve probably also asked yourself “Is it too expensive?” “Can I afford it?” “Is all of that work worth it?” “Does it really pay off?” The answer is yes it does. The college experience is not only about receiving more education, it is also about finding yourself and exploring new things. You also, learn what you really want to do in life. You may find out things you might’ve missed if you didn’t go to college. You also, with a bachelor’s degree or higher, make $15,000 more a year than you would with just a high school diploma, and that doesn’t hurt.
At first, college is of course a scary thing to do. At the first mention of it, all these thoughts and questions rush into your head. “What will my classes be like?” “Am I smart enough for college?” “What will my professors be like?” “I’m going to miss my family so much” and of course the daunting question “Who will I hang out with?” Of course you’re going to think these things, anybody would think about these things when going someplace new.
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Perez in the editorial, “Want to Go to College? Learn to Fail,” explains that it is okay and realistic to fail and it isn’t the end of the world and that perfection is not a realistic expectation. Perez supports his claim by explaining that people who usually try to be perfect have a lot of deeper issues and usually break down later on, because they can’t handle the immense pressure they have on them in college. The author’s purpose is to inform upcoming college students, so that people have a better chance at being accepted into college. Try your best to reach your goals and shoot for the stars, but don’t make unrealistic expectations for yourself. It's okay to fail sometimes, as long as you learn a lesson from each failure or mistake you have made. So, when applying for college, don't be afraid to tell the truth in your application or