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Allyvanessa Valera
Single Struggle
Children growing up in a single parent family have been viewed as different. Being raised by only one parent seems unthinkable, but lately it has become more noticeable. Today, many kids have grown up to become stable and successful whether they had one or both parents. The problem lies in the difference of kids being raised by one parent versus kids being raised by both a mother and a father. What people must learn is that properly raising a child does not rely on the structure of a household but should be more focused on the values that are taught as they learn to mature. Children of single parents can be just as progressive as those with two parents.
A single-parent must work full time to be able to provide for themselves and their child. They must also be able to offer a large amount of emotional time for the well-being of their child. Society must realize that single parents are becoming more common. Since 1995, the American family structure for children consists of forty-two percent living in a first marriage family with both parents, twenty-two percent living in a second marriage step-family, twenty-one percent living in a single parent, divorced or separated family, six percent living in a single parent never married family and three percent living in a single parent widowed family. This is an important statistic considering that fifty-eight percent of children in America are living in a single parent family.
Today, twenty-five percent of all children in America will spend at least some time of their years in a stepfamily. A step-parent can cause confusion and stress on the kid since they had to adjust to only one