Argument: Hypertension and Exercise Essay

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Benisayra Helena
Professor Mossberg
Composition I ESL 1300 Section 150
29 April 2014

Regular exercise is good After I took my dad to the doctor last week, and after reading some articles about strokes and health deceases, I think that regular exercise may be good for you in many ways. Exercise may also help you to prevent most diseases like strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and any other conditions. I also believe that people that exercise every day may have a healthy life. After reading the articles,I learned that before you start an exercise plan you should consider your age and health issues first. For example, people of an advance age or with heart problems should speak to their doctor before starting an exercise plan. “The exercise cure book states that good exercise may be the key for your health benefits, quality of life and your physical appearance”. My dad has many health problems; low blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. I took him to his appointment last week and His doctor recommended him to exercise every day, because he was overweight, and that was not good for his health. According to his Doctor, Dr. Hector R. Oshiro of the Primary Care Association Inc, regular exercise is good for your health is good for your health. He also told me that it is good for your lungs, and skin. Doctors think that if you exercise at least 2 hours daily, you can resist any viral or bacterial infection. They also think that you will have lower blood pressure and may live longer. For the reasons mentioned above I think there might be a good quality of life and benefits if you exercise. You may have more energy, which is great because it will allow you to do more activities. Dr. Oshiro related that people that exercise should and less tired and more alert in everything they do. Another good reason is that you may have a better memory; travel more and have more physical recreation. I think that these exercise benefits should make you feel relaxed. When you feel relaxed and stress free, you will then have a better mental health and less depression. Exercise can also, improve your physical appearance according to the “Benefits of