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Amy Lam
AP English III, 7th Period
17 October 2014
Argument Log #1, Six Weeks 2

Billy O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor, is the primary speaker.

The argument is how much faith people have in this government and safe they feel in the country itself.

One of Bill O’Reilly’s techniques that he uses to make his argument stand out more is important use of diction that is happening throughout the video. For instance, incompetence, accountable, and failure. The word incompetence was mainly used out of all the other words to emphasize that the people in government causes mistakes that should not be forgiven, but in the end is not being held accountable for their failures. Which can intertwine with the situation that had recently occurred at the White House. Billy had brought up where a “mental disturbed person” was in fact able to hop the fence and get his way through the entrance without anyone stopping him. This demonstrates that the security of the White House is not secure as some people may think it is. To put it bluntly, it leads to where the “Secret Service guards” are at fault and weren’t able to handle the problem in a proper manner. Furthermore, O’Reilly mentions different people as examples because he is making fun of how these people are in such a high position, but is not qualified enough to get the job done in proper way. Even though these people have plenty of failures, they’re still able