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Food and Ag Study Guide
Test Date: TBD
Chapters Covered: 9 & 10
For each of the following topics, you should know what they are and be able to explain how they relate to the food and agriculture unit. For your study guide, either create an outline, note cards or rephrase each as a question and answer it.
1. Feeding a Growing Population
a. Human nutritional requirements
b. Malnourished vs. Undernourished vs. Overnourished
c. Nutritional diseases and symptoms (Maramus, Kwashiorkor)
d. Nutritional deficiencies (iron, vitamin A, iodine)
2. Basics of Food
a. Corn, Wheat, Rice
b. Environmental effects of food production
c. Limitations to Food Production
3. Types of Agriculture
a. Croplands vs. Rangelands vs. Feedlots vs. Fisheries
b. Industrialized vs. Traditional Agriculture
c. Cash vs. Subsistence crops
d. Green Revolution
e. Blue Revolution – fishing practices, impacts of overfishing, farmed fish
f. Rangelands
g. Overgrazing
h. Desertification
i. Genetic Engineering of Crops
j. Deforestation
k. Irrigation
l. Sustainable practices
4. Soil
a. Definition
b. Formation of Soil
c. Composition of Soil
d. Soil Layers/Horizons
e. Importance of Humus
f. Physical and Chemical Properties
g. Soil of different biomes
h. Types of Soil
i. Fertilizer Use
j. Soil Abuse
k. Soil Conservation – no till, conservation, contour, intercropping, terracing, shelterbelts, crop rotation
5. Erosion
a. Definition
b. Deposition
c. Types (rill, gully, splash,