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Baseball is not the easiest sport to play. Trying to hit a round object exceeding speeds of 90 miles per hour with a baseball bat is quite the challenge. It doesn’t help that in the past three years high school and college baseball were both forced to switch to a BBCOR baseball bat. The BBCOR bat is a downgrade from a BESR bat. Basically they designed the bat to have less recoil, which makes the ball travel at slower speeds off the bat making the distance the ball travels upon contact shortened. With the switch to the BBCOR bat, baseball at the high school and college levels has become harder for hitters, has made hitting less exciting and has overall slowed the game down from how it was in the past.
The change from BESR to BBCOR baseball bats in the high school and collegiate level has truly made a difference in the game. When BESR was in play the baseball was so much faster off the bat. The ball would be hit noticeably harder causing you to react quicker and in turn, give you an opportunity to become a better ball player. As a hitter with the switch, it has become a lot harder to hit homeruns. Players are no longer capable of hitting balls as far as they were in the past. The first year they decided to change to BBQOR it was a really big deal. People started getting angry because of the fact that batting averages and homeruns went down which affects how high athletes are getting drafted and what colleges they get offers from. Good hitters still shine with the BBCOR bats but it truly still has made a big difference.
Many people say that the switch was a good thing. They say that it makes the playing field more even and gives players the opportunity to utilize small parts of the game like bunting and hit and runs more often. I disagree with what those people

are saying. With the change of bats the game is still the same, just not as quick. Players will still have to bunt, field and run with the BESR bats, only at a higher level. Don’t we want athletes playing to their highest ability? The switch to the BBCOR baseball bat has made the game slower and is not preparing individuals for higher levels of play where the game speed is much greater. I believe that playing at the professional level where there are harder hits and a more up-tempo pace would be