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Sarah McCullough
Professor Cooper
English 200
21 November 2011
Parents taking Charge of the Children’s Crimes Since the turn of time, parents have been teaching they children the different between right and wrong. Parents are responsible for the child till the time they come out of the mother till they turn eighteen. Nearly 130,000 juveniles were arrested for major violent crimes in 1992. Teenagers are now more likely to be victims of violent crime than adults over age twenty-five. Parents who live in Silverton, Texas can be fined up to $1,000 if their child is found carrying gun, smoking cigarettes, or using illegal drugs. Therefore, the only way a teenager will learn from his /her mistake is for them to pay for there crime. Like the saying is,” Money doesn’t grow on trees (Anonyms).” Parents and others may oppose passage of the ordinances on the grounds that parents are held responsible for they children actions. In thirty-three states, local judges can require parents to pay restitution for crimes committed by their children. Some city councils have designed late-night curfew, truancy, graffiti, gang enforcement, and gun ordinances that impose penalties and possible arrest for parents whose children repeatedly violate the ordinances' behavior standards. If parents bails out the child every time they do wrong will they ever learn they lessons.
“Your folks are like God because you want to know they're out there and you want them to approve of your life, still you only