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Roderick Lu
Professor Scott Koppel
25 April 2015
Advertisement effects and Social Critics Advertisements are always all around us. People will always see a lot of advertisements whether take public transportation or walk around the street. Advertisements have become a big part of people daily life. The primary function of advertising is to persuade people to buy something. Advertisements can have a big influence on consumer decision. People are buying the image rather than the product itself. As we look at a series of advertisement in the American and British Magazines for the cigarette during 1945 to 2003, we can just see why people are buying the image of the product rather than itself. In the 1979 Camels cigarette ad, there is an image that a cool man sitting on a motorcycle with a pretty woman who is smiling behind him. The slogan of this cigarette ad is when people smoke Camels cigarettes, people will have true satisfaction in Camel Filters style. The other image ad for the cigarette was even more entertaining than that the Camels cigarette ad. The advertisement image displays a sexy woman who is gently touching by a handsome guy. The woman seems very happy and enjoys when the man touching her. The slogan of this ad is basically meant that when people smoke Philip Morris Cigarette, people will become just like a gentleman. When people saw these two ads, what pop up to their mind? Most of the people will immediately have a lot of curiosity in their head. Will I really will be satisfying and gentle after smoking these kinds of cigarette? There is no doubt these ads will raise audience interest in the product. Humans is always be full of curiosity. The product we buy on our daily basis is often associated with people’s recommendation and television ads. What people don’t understand is when these ads appear in front of their eyes, what they really seeing are not the product itself, but rather the pretty women or handsome men who are in it or how magnificent the ad’s story is. The strategy for most of the advertisements is to make consumers believe their products are good, even though they are bad. Advertising can create a shift in thinking by consumers, which may take different forms. For example, after viewing the Philip Morris Cigarette ad and Camels cigarette ad in 1979, a consumer may decide that his or her usual product either seems better or worse that the one being advertised, without knowing exactly why. The primary objective of advertising is to persuade the consumer to buy their product. Like the cigarette ads appear on the textbook, all these images are intended to make people think that when they buy their cigarettes, they will really have true satisfaction or became a gentleman. Some people might argue that the advertising is just a way that people can be familiar with the new product; it won’t affect their decision on buying the product. However, the truth is commercial advertisers often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or services through branding, which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers. The main objective of an ad is to create an impulsive purchase. It is obvious that advertising affects the customer by the cognitive aspect. For example, an advertisement for the Camels brand of cigarette in 1940 can truly tell the story. It shows an image where a little girl visits the doctor and told the doctor that she is going to grow a hundred years old. The slogan of this cigarette ad is intended to tell the audience that smoking Camels cigarette is good for peoples’ health, more doctors choose to smoke Camels brand of cigarette than any other brand of cigarette. Although a lot of people will laugh hard when they first saw this image ads, but consciously, people curiosity toward this product will also increase at the same time. There is no doubt that a lot of people will go