Argumentative Essay About 9/11

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The terrorist attack of 9/11 is one of the most infamous moments in all of America’s history. It is one of the only attacks on American soil; furthermore, 9/11 was the first large-scale attack on our land. There are two main reasons this attack was so severe. There was a substantial amount of evidence that the FBI overlooked before the attacks took place. If the FBI hadn’t dismissed the information, there could have been a different outcome. Furthermore, the citizens were caught incognizant. The public was not prepared for any type of attack in their homeland, which cause widespread panic. Since the proceedings of 9/11, things have changed. Countless mistakes took place leading up to the attack in 2001, but these will not be repeated. America is prepared to prevent another terrorist attack on our soil because America has revolutionized the way it handles terrorism. The first reason America is prepared to prevent another terrorist attack is due to the fact that America has immensely updated its security . Before the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, America’s security was mild. Security in an airport was almost nonexistent. Now, America does not mess around. According to the 9/11 video, the hijackers were allowed to bring knives onto the …show more content…
America can do everything in its power to stop an attack, but there is no definite. There will be attacks we cannot catch beforehand. For example, the boston bombing. While every attack may not be prevented beforehand, America will never be as prepared as it was during 9/11. That said, we must make sure to keep up with the times and keep our defenses high. If we don’t, then an attack will happen, but no matter what lies in the future, we will never have another 9/11, due to the fact that nothing could cause as much horror as the first true attack on our