Argumentative Essay About Skin Cancer

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Ashley Winn
Miss Ignazio
English 106
10 September 2012
College Essay-Prompt 3
All I remember is hearing my mother cry out, “Why? Why? How could this be happening to me?” As I watched the tears stream down her pale white face, I could only wonder what was happening. The vaguely white room of doctor’s office was where we were sitting when all of this panic was going on. It wasn’t my doctor’s appointment though; I found out a few days later that this was the moment my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. The people that come in our lives and share certain experiences with make us grow. Some of those people make such an impact on our lives that we look up to them for guidance in certain decisions. Of course when you ask a teenager who their biggest role model is, almost one hundred percent of them will say mom or dad right? Well I could say I fit into that category because my mother is the person who has had the biggest impact on my life. The reason I feel that my mom is different from most is because I’ve witnessed her overcome some pretty astronomical challenges in my eighteen years of living. After receiving the stomach churning news that she was positive for cancer, she also juggled raising my two younger brothers and me on her own as a newly single parent. Being that cancer is such a life-threatening condition, the people who are able to beat it are pretty remarkable in my eyes. Not only did my mom overcome her skin cancer, in my opinion she did a great job of