Argumentative Essay: Aid In Dying

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Several people around the world suffer from some type of terminal cancer and fight everyday to save their lives from it. There are points in their lives where the pain is unbearable and they wish to die. They go and try to find help somewhere, but there's no luck for them. In this sad life they only have two choices: take the pain or die trying. Barbara Coombs Lee, an attorney and President of Compassion & Choices, has worked with patients who has tried to kill themselves. She says, “she participated in a number of deaths, she would not consider good, including tying people’s hands to bed rails so they wouldn’t pull out their tubes or invading their bodies with very burdensome painful procedures.”(Harris) It’s hard knowing that your life could …show more content…
Terminally ill patients have suffered the pain of their diseases for centuries now. An opportunity came around in the 1960s: Aid in dying. Aid in dying has gave patients a way to control how their going to died. Swangard says,”When he dies, he wants to be surrounded by people he loves. He doesn't want to be in a drug-induced haze, nor consumed by worry about what's next. He wants to be able to say goodbye. ‘It is a little bit of a blessing to know how I might die.’ ‘I don't think a lot of patients have insight into what to expect.’” (Gorman) Daniel Swangard, a doctor and terminal ill cancer patient, wants to die peaceful not how he have seen happen in hospital. He also believes that it’s a blessing knowing how he's going to die when most patient do not even have insight into what to expect. Though Aid in dying is the solution to most people, three main groups oppose of it and it’s the reason why legalizing aid in dying has failed. These groups are the Catholic Church, disability-rights organizations and doctors. The American Medical Association still say, “‘physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician's role as healer.’ Similarly, though it hasn't taken a position on currently proposed legislation.” and the California Medical Association says, “helping patients die conflicts with doctors' commitment to do no harm.”(Gorman) The American Medical Association believes that aid in dying takes away from a physician job of the healer. The California Medical Association believes that if doctors help their patients die they are breaking their commitment to do no harm. All doctors have their reason like Swangard and Liner, who chose to fight for the right to die. Dr. Tanya Spirtos, a Redwood City, Calif., obstetrician and gynecologist on CMA’s board of trustees, says,” Thirty years ago I would’ve said physicians never should’ve been involved in this.’ ‘But we couldn’t just stand behind a blanket opposition