Argumentative Essay: Four-Day School Week

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School should be a four-day week School should be a four day week because teachers need time to plan. Also it gives more time to do more activities with family and friends. Although it can affect education purposes with the students.
Some disadvantages are a shortened school day would reduce the amount of instructional time. For some laboratory classes reducing the number of minutes in class each day could have a detrimental impact. Even if the number of days were extended to counteract the reduced number of minutes in class, shorter segments of instructional time might diminish the quality of instruction. For example, the amount of time devoted to set up and break down in a lab class would not change, only the student-centered learning
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Some critics say that the system could result in a loss of focus and information retention. However, additional class time would naturally lead to more homework, resulting in more study time at home. The Indiana Education Policy Center reports that many schools also use the extra day for tutoring, giving students who are struggling more time to get help without compromising time during the week. During a five-day week, many children go straight from school to sports or extracurricular activities, as well as family responsibilities and appointments. A four-day school week allows students an extra day to either catch up on work missed because of these commitments or to participate in them. For example, sports practices could be moved to the day off, dentist and doctor's appointments could be scheduled without having to miss class time and extra travel time could be allotted for family events, all without requiring children to miss class. ( As you can clearly see that I highly recommend for all of us to get a 4 day week. It is easier on all of us. For teachers and students.

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