Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Doesn T Kill People

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How many people are affected by guns in their lives? Countless. Guns are endangering the lives of many innocent people in America. I believe gun violence is negatively affecting our nation in various ways, and gun control is needed to protect our future.We need to support gun control, it causes risks, interferes with safety of our children, and most importantly, it will reduce and stop the injuries and deaths caused by gun violence. Supporters of this topic believe that gun violence is affecting and endangering the children and the teenagers of this nation. According to “Speakers Urge Renewed Gun Control Efforts”, it says that in a poll of 2,500 kids aged 10 to 19, an alarming 15% said that they had carried a gun within the past month. Also, it stated that, “20% of the guns in households are left loaded and lying about in places where kids can pick them up” (Speaker). This was a very shocking statement that brought awareness to the moms of many children. There was a case where a 6-year-old had killed a 6-year-old. Veronica Mcqueen, mother of the 6-year-old Kayla Rolland, who was killed …show more content…
The opponents argue that limiting gun control will not stop the killing. “Take away the guns and watch the murder rate drop. Not so fast, says a new study.” (Will). A new study shows that when Canada enacted a gun control bill that outlawed automatic weapons, the deaths caused by guns declined, but the murder rate stayed the same. People turned to other methods to kill, and the overall murder rate hardly budged (Will). “Many existing and several recently proposed gun control laws do not correlate with decreased violence, but instead hamper the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families.”, this protects the second amendment rights. It states a citizen’s right to defend themselves. Gun laws do not stop the killings. The rate of death from guns decreases, but the deaths do not